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My son Jean-Xavier began his interest with classic guitar before arrive in Kyiv. And Professor Dmytro Lisun was recommended to us by a professional musician from Kyiv.

I think playing guitar is a very good learning experience for my son. It is educative and I think it is important to develop a certain artistic knowledge. And my son enjoys it. Playing guitar supports developing self-esteem, discipline and it has a positive impact on social life.

I'm highly satisfied with Kyiv Guitar Lessons, provided by Dmytro, because he is not only a great artist, but also a great pedagogue. For Jean-Xavier and the entire family, Kyiv Guitar Lessons will be one of the highlights of our 3-year stay in Kyiv.

G. Daniel Caron,
Ambassador of Canada to Ukraine in 2008-2011

G. D C

My name is Jean-Xavier, I play the classical guitar. I've been studying playing guitar with Dmytro during 3 years. I need these lessons, because I want to be better and better at playing the guitar, and also to have fun. Actually, if you like music and playing the guitar, it isn't a lesson.

I'm playing the guitar because I enjoy it. In my opinion, this is the most important thing in learning to play the guitar — to enjoy your playing.

I think learning to play the guitar with Dmytro is very pleasant. He is nice and friendly. So I really like Kyiv Guitar Lessons. They might not be better!

Jean-Xavier Caron,
Canada, 16 years old



My son was interested in playing electric guitar, and he wanted to start Guitar Lessons in Kyiv. We have friends who told us that Dmytro is a good guitar teacher.

For my son, playing guitar is the time when he has pleasure. I think, playing guitar is useful because it develops different talents and it's a good time to spend.

My son Ismail made a lot of progress with Kyiv Guitar Lessons, provided by Dmytro.

Abdeljalil Saubry,
Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to Ukraine in 2005-2013


I'm learning to play electric guitar with Dmytro for 2 years. I just want to be a good guitar player!

With Dmytro I learned how to play guitar solos in different styles - Rock, Blues, Jazz. I enjoy Kyiv Guitar Lessons with Dmytro because my teacher is a person who is very kind.

I think that Dmytro is a good guitar player who knows how to teach guitar to his students.

Ismail Saubry,
Morocco, 15 years old



My son Guido had already a few guitar lessons in his homecountry and he wanted to continue. With private lessons he would be able to make a good progress, so we decided to start taking Guitar Lessons in Kyiv with Dmytro.

Yes, playing guitar is a challenge. But also it is a good way of distraction of school, studies, friends, e-games(!) etc. It's just you and your guitar, in another world... I think playing guitar is useful for my son. It is useful to learn to cope with challenges, to master something difficult, to learn not to give up, to endure to be able to conquer!

My son is doing a great progress thanks to the lessons with Dmytro. We are 100% happy with Kyiv Guitar Lessons as Dimi is an enthusiastic young man, very pleasant and taking the lessons serious.

Marianne Danhof,
The Netherlands

Marianne Danhof
Netherlands Nicaragua
Guido Danhof

I am just interested in guitar, and my goal is to play as well as possible for as long as I can. I've been learning to play the guitar with Dmytro at Kyiv Guitar Lessons for 2 years.

I have only positive impressions about Kyiv Guitar Lessons. They are definitely better than I experienced in Holland.

I enjoy the lessons with Dmytro, they are interesting, fun and very educational!

Guido Danhof,
Nicaragua / The Netherlands, 14 years old



Before we started to take Guitar Lessons in Kyiv with Dmytro we were trying to find other guitar teachers. But my children said they were not satisfied with them. That's why we have chose to take Guitar Lessons from Dmytro.

Playing the guitar is important for my children. It keeps them balanced. It makes them creative.

I'm highly satisfied with Kyiv Guitar Lessons, provided by Dmytro.

Petra Krimm,

Petra Krimm
Max Krimm

Hi, I'm Max. I'm taking Bass Guitar Lessons from Dmytro for 1 year. My goal is to play bass guitar successfully and without any help.

I enjoy the lessons with Dmytro, because I learn a lot and we make a lot of jokes. And it's very important that the lessons are well planned.

I'm very satisfied with Kyiv Guitar Lessons, provided by Dmytro. I improved my bass guitar playing a lot with these lessons!

Maximillian Krimm,
Germany, 16 years old

Svenja Krimm

I'm learning to play electric guitar at Kyiv Guitar Lessons with Dmytro during 1 year. I want to play something that I like and learn new things.

I enjoy the lessons, because it is very interesting for me to learn something new on the guitar, and it is fun.

At Kyiv Guitar Lessons with Dmytro I have learnt many things that I didn't know before.

Svenja Krimm,
Germany, 13 years old



I decided to get started with Guitar Lessons in Kyiv, provided by Dmytro, because my sons wanted to play an instrument. Playing guitar is fun for my children and Laurin come relax while playing! It's developing learning abilities and kids enjoy it!

And of course, I'm happy very much with Guitar Lessons in Kyiv with Dmytro, because he is a very good teacher and because he is a man => good for my boys - surrounded by women teachers!

Dmytro is a passionate guitar player and teacher and the kids can feel that. My kids are always looking forward to the next lesson! Love to practice! They made a good progress! These lessons are the best we can find!

Susie Gschwenter,

Susie Gschwenter
Laurin Gschwenter

I learn to play classical guitar with Dmytro for 6 months. I enjoy Kyiv Guitar Lessons with Dmytro! Learn the instrument, because it's fun.

My teacher is good, kind, and helpful.

I love to play guitar, because I want to play in a band and to teach small kids.

Laurin Gschwenter,
Austria, 7 years old

Wendelin Gschwenter

Playing guitar for half a year. Want to play once an electric guitar!

Kyiv Guitar Lessons are fun.

Dmytro is a very nice teacher.

Wendelin Gschwenter,
Austria, 6 years old

Happy Faces Lithuania


I think it is important for my son to have musical education and appreciation. That's why we have started taking Guitar Lessons in Kyiv from Dmytro one year ago. We have tried to find a good guitar teacher before we met Dmytro, but we were not satisfied with their professional level.

Kyiv Guitar Lessons are very useful for my son as far as they help to improve general talents, encourage development of responsibility through the daily practices. And it is very beneficial that Dmytro finds contact with the student very easily, and his English is fluent. Thanks to these lessons my son made a great progress in playing guitar, which we are very pleased about. We are very happy with Dmytro's professionalism, creativity, and Inspiration.

We really like Kyiv Guitar Lessons with Dmytro, because they allow kids to enjoy classes through learning musical pieces kids love and even choose themselves. Dmytro's personality and his attitude are just perfect. Our son's motivation and enjoyment of the lessons are the highest ever.

Lina Vismantiene,

Lina Vismantiene
Ignas Vismantas

I'm Ignas. I've been learning to play classical guitar with my teacher Dmytro during 1 year. My goal is to learn how to play guitar very well.

I like the lessons with Dmytro, because I learn new things. I have very good impressions about it.

I'm happy with Kyiv Guitar Lessons, because Dmytro teaches songs you want to know.

Ignas Vismantas,
Lithuania, 11 years old